Looking younger doesnít have to be a botox injection or a set of new teeth, try any of the following for a fraction of the cost and painless too.....

Sun-kissed skin can make you feel and look relaxed and more youthful without the ageing effects of the sun!
Try Bobby Brown Tinted Moisturizer £24 bobbybrown.co.uk.
Or for a gradual build up natural looking sun free tan with St Tropez Every Day Face containing anti ageing ingredients £13 available in Boots
Tip: apply fake tan after your evening cleansing routine. Wash off any excess in the morning and to get rid of that funny smell.

Highlight to add light and life to your face.
With a cream, powder or crayon dab on the top of your cheekbones, brow-bone, inner corner of the eye, cupids bow of the lips to highlight our best bits!
In my makeup kit I always have Barry M Shimmering Lip and Eye Crayon £4.50 barrym.co.uk and Benefit Highbeam £15.50 benefit.co.uk

Blush to give a pretty flush of colour.
Smile and see those plump little Ďapplesí appear in the middle of your cheeks. Apply your blush there blending diagonally in the direction of the top of the ear.
Try Stila Convertible Colour for cheeks and lips, a matt and translucent love it. £18.
Apply with tips of fingers fingers for a youthful glow.

Big Eyes
Curl your lashes before applying mascara to make them appear more abundant and to open up the eye area.
The best Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers £18 available Space NK

Mascara instantly defines your eyes and makes them look bigger and more attractive. I never leave home without it!
Apply at the roots after curling wiggling the wand from the base of the lashes, up towards the tips. If you want a second coat apply immediately or your lashes will go clumpy.
Tip: concentrate on the tips of the lashes to lengthen.
Estee Lauder Perfectionist High Definition Volume Mascara £17.50
Masterpiece Mascara by Max Factor £9.99

Groomed Brows Gently groomed brows will open up your eye area making your eyes bigger and can because Iíve done it on models, gives the illusion of a mini face lift!
Take your time in good day light to puck shape respecting the natural arch.
If your eyebrows have faded from the sun or from the gentle signs of ageing. You can dye them to give back their natural shape and the less need for makeup!
Salon system Eye Lash Dye £5.00 plus eyelash tint developer. Mix 2cm of tint with two drops of developer. Mix with an old clean mascara wand. Apply to eyebrows carefully avoiding the skin leave for 5 minutes. Remove with warm wet squeezed out cotton wool. Keep removing until all traces have gone and you are left with great eyebrows. Now is a good time to shape with tweezers.
Remember thick eyebrows are a sign of youth. Donít over do it.

Treat your Skin and face like a brand new pair of Monolo Blaniks
Please donít pull, stretch and vigorously rub your face. Your skin is elastic yes but one day that boomerang wonít come back.

Lips. Ever wondered why your lips are looking a bit shriveled or cracked especially your lower lip. Youíre probably dehydrated. Drink water to plump them up. Hot water is great to drink in these winter months with a bit of fresh lemon and ginger root.
Avoid dark lipstick colours, gloss it up to feel and look sexy.
Great quick fix Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream £20.00.
I always prep my models lips before anything else

Night Time Cleanse. Please remove all traces of makeup even if you donít wear that much at the end of the day. Itís not just makeup your removing its the natural build up of oils from your skin mixed with the daily grime of the day leading to open pores, spots and saggy grey dull looking skin.