As a makeup artist that has seen makeup change through the influence of fashion and cosmetic technology over my two decade career. With new formulations such as foundations having the same benefits as an anti-aging moisturizer.
Makeup has never been more exciting!

There seems to be a backlash against women wearing makeup, the 'makeunder' rather than the 'makeover.'
and that we should all be beautiful without it!

I have days when I like my skin to 'breathe' but I always put on an eye cream and serum.
I wear makeup because it makes me look better. and if it makes me look better, I feel better.

Makeup formulas and skin care are more accessible than ever before, info in magazines, on the internet, there is wonderful photography and models and celebrities to be inspired by. There are more and more women who are confident and experiment and are not afraid to try something new.

I have always thought how lucky I was to be born a woman. When I have made up the hundreds of women over my career how lucky we are to to have makeup. Ive always felt a bit sorry for men in that respect, what you see is what you get.

Enjoy, experiment and get to know your face. Love your face and yourself because I think through makeup you can do that!

Roxanne New

Some celebrities I have had the pleasure to makeup:
Leah Wood, Jodie Kidd, Nell McAndrew, Kelly Brook, Lisa Butcher, Carley Zucker, Carolina Herera, Patti Clapton, Paloma Picasso, Paul McCartney, Darcy Bussel, Eric Clapton, Anthea Turner, Kim Wilde, Ivana Trump, Elijah Wood, J K Rowling, Minnie Driver, my mum.