Beauty isn't about looking like everyone else

Beauty is about defining yourself, your image, your personality. The whole package.

Don't shrivel your soul by comparing yourself to friends, models or celebrities.
Be inspired!

Remember every photograph of a model or celebrity you see has been made up, lit, photographed and retouched!
But they have been made up and that's something you can do...

As a makeup artist and as a woman I know what makeup can do to make you feel confident, womanly, beautiful and a lot more besides.

The whole ritual of looking and touching your face everyday is important. It helps us to define ourselves, re evaluate ourselves daily. It is important to have a place to prepare yourself for the day, not just a passing moment in the bathroom.
Putting on your moisturizer and some makeup makes you touch your face in hopefully a caring loving way. Your not putting on an old sweater!

Beauty is about what is within but it sure is about what's on the outside too.
Part of your beauty is looking after your skin. Treat it gently, nourish it with the wonderful almost intelligent serums and creams on the market. There are creams to target all your skin needs.

Even woman who says she never wears makeup, will tell you she does have her favorite moisturizer, lip balm and probably a mascara.
But that's what I love about about makeup, it's about your lip balm as well as your lipstick!